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The surrealist artist Salvador Dali was featured on an
American game show called What's My Line?,

in which blindfolded celebrity panellists interrogated a 'mystery
guest' in order to guess their occupation.The panel posed
their questions but became confused almost immediately,
as Dali answered 'Yes'to almost every question. They asked
him if he was a writer and he answered 'Yes'. It was true; as
well as three non-fiction books Dali had written a novel,
Hidden Faces. Asked if he was a performer: 'Yes.' He had
produced many pieces of performance art. At one point an
exasperated panellist exclaimed, There's nothing this man
doesn't do!'
A creative mind wants to shape the world around it. On
What's My Line? Dali could have said he was a furniture
maker; he designed many chairs and his sofa of Mae
West's lips became a design classic. As a film-maker he
created the groundbreaking Un ChienAndalou and L'Age
d'Or. He also masterminded the ethereal dream sequence
in Hitchcock's Spellbound and the unique short animated
film Destino with Walt Disney. As a jewellery maker he
created intricate jewellery designs that often contained
moving parts, such as the Royal Heart. Made of gold and
encrusted with rubies and diamonds, its centre beat like a
real heart. As an architecthe designed buildings, the most
famous being his house in Port Lligat and his extraordinary
Teatro Museo in Figueres. He wanted a house, so he made
one - why get someone else to do it? He also designed
theatre sets, clothes, textiles and perfume bottles. The
manufacturer of Chupa Chups lollipops (still in stores
today) asked Dali to design a new logo. He created a daisy
insignia and lettering (still inuse today). Heeven suggested
the logo be on top of the wrapper so that it was always
fully displayed - advice the manufacturer followed. Dali
could have thought, 'I'm a famous, wealthysurrealist artist
who has a place in the history of art', but he didn't; it
sounded like fun so he gave it a go. He didn't have any
rules in his head about what was important or unimpor
tant. Dali even created a person - often referred to as
Dali's Frankenstein - Amanda Lear. He met her in a night
club in 1965 when she was called Peki d'Oslo. Dali
renamed her, remade her and spread mysterious stories
about her, successfully launching her into the disco/art
scene, which she then took by storm.
School and society make us feel our abilities are limited
and rob us of our creative confidence. Although we are
born with incredible imagination, intuition and intelli
gence, many people are trained not to use these powers,
and as a result they wither. Our schools, families and
friends project a limited view of our abilities onto us. Ifthe
creative want something, they go ahead and try. Not all of
Dali's designs, films and experiments in different mediums
were a success, but enough worked for him to become
Modern designers like Philippe Starck and Zaha Hadid
also have a unique vision. They are famous for designing
iconic opera houses, stadiums and hotels. They also
design cars, bicycles, lamps, jewellery, chairs and boats.
Theydeveloped a wayof thinking that could be applied to
any project. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you
fail but it's important to try everything and see what
Acreative mindset can be applied to everything you do and
enrich every aspect of your life. Creativity isn't a switch that's
flicked on or off; it's a way of seeing, engaging with and
responding to the world around you. The creative are crea
tive when filing documents, cooking, arranging timetables
or doing housework. Try to develop an alternative way of
thinking thatcan be applied to any challenge or project, no
matter how far out of your comfort zone.
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